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Vancouver Racewalk May 2, 2010


Basic Racewalk Warmup Drills- dymanmic mobility exercises to get you going strong
Lydiard Training - generally a running training system but applicable to any endurance activity
Morozov - Development of Young Racewalkers - Russian system basics for early racewalk training
Elite Racewalk Training Overview - All the parts of a elite trianing program on a single page
Coaching Philosophy Explained - Philosophy, Ethics and how they fit together

Perfect Practice- a UK article on the importantce of perfecting technique during training
Training Concepts - a unconventional broad conceptual framework for training the whole athlete
Track Pace Chart - 10k - an aid to assist the athlete to determine correct lap times for desired effort
Treadmill Pace Chart - 10k #1 - same as above but for treadmill workouts
Treadmill Pace Chart - 10k #2 - same as above with an extention of goal times

Training Diet Action Plan- a primer on the elements of an athlete's dietary requirements
Meal Plans - a primer on designing meals based on the Diet Action Plan
Iron Indicator - Iron requiremnts and sources
Calcium Counter - Calcium requirements and sources
Nutrition and Athletic Performance - long and technical but lots of depth and easy to understand