Endurance Development Aerobic Capacity Strength Endurance Balance & Flexibility Technical Development Stride Analysis Stride Calculator Mental Development Mental Skill Assessment Focus Control Ideal Performance State Strength Development Functional Assessment Core Strength Highly specific muscular strength Environmental Development Heat Acclimatizing Altitude Acclimatizing Humidity Acclimatizing Nutrition Development CHO intake management Hydration control Diet balance Pre event diet Racing Event Strategy Pre Competition Plan Post race analysis #1 Post race analysis #2 Recovery Planning Recovery schedules Active recovery Passive recovery Short term & Long term strategies Season Planning Annual Training Plan Testing Plan Hydration VO2 Max Lactate Threshold LTD Planning Season Analysis Quadrennial Plan Rules of Competition Governed internationally by the IAAF Nationally by Athletics Canada Provincially by an Athletics Association IAAF Rule Section VII Rule 230 Event is Judged History and Background Originated some time during the middle ages Part of the group of Events that make up Athletics First Canadian National Championship 1884 Early Distances 1, 2, & 3 mile Current International Distances 20k, 50k men 20k women World Competitions - Olympics & IAAF World Championships Global League - IAAF Race Walk Challenge