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Vancouver Racewalk May 2, 2010

Straight leg/foot on the ground

The members of Racewalk West invite you to come in and enjoy our site. We have a wide variety of skills and talents and we're more than willing to share them with you. The title of this page describes the two basic rules of Racewalking. The rules were put in place to assure that all competitors would proceed by means of a "fair" walk.

There must be continuous contact with the ground, no "flight" phase as you see in running. A racewalker must also maintain a straight leg from the time the foot touches the ground until the hip passes over the foot, this gives us our characteristic wiggle.

And there you have it. That's all the rules you need to know, the rest is technique, strength and endurance.

What are you waiting for, give it a try!

    Racewalk West Head Coach and UBC Athletics    

The 2007/2008 Track season saw Racewalk West head coach Gerry Dragomir appointed as the Racewalk Coach for the University of the British Columbia Athletics team. Working closley with UBC Thunderbirds head coach Marek Jedzejek, Gerry was brought in to work with a very talented group of athletes who make up the most successful single event on the UBC Athletics team.

The 2007/2008 season saw UBC dominate the NAIA Athletics Chamionships on both the Women's and Men's side of the racewalk event. The 2008/2009 season looks to be even better as a couple of new faces on the UBC Track team open the possiblity of a sweep of the Racewalk medals on both the Women's and Men's sides this year.

In order maintain this dominant position coach Gerry will be using a web based training management system from TrainingPeaks.com, video analysis software from Dartfish.com and several other state of the art training aids to design and implement a multi-year and year round development program for the UBC athletes.